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The ruling body of the AfSC is the Council, consisting of the Titular (Countries that adheres to IUGG and is situated within the African continent) and Affiliate (Countries which are involved in seismology or geosciences within Africa, but are not yet IUGG members and have applied to be Affiliate Members of AfSC) Members, and the Executive Committee

Thus far the Titular members are:

  • D.R. CONGO – R.D. CONGO - Centre de Recherche en Géophysique (CRG),
  • ALGERIA - Centre De Recherche En Astronomie, Astrophysique Et Géophysique (CRAAG), (AfSC Contact: A. Yelles-Chaouche)

  • GHANA - Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, (AfSC contact: national Nuclear Research Institute – P. Amponsah)
  • MAURITIUS - Ministry of Environment,
  • MOROCCO - Université Mohammed V Agdal, (AfSC contact: Institut Scientifique – Y. Timoulali)
  • MOZAMBIQUE - Direcçao Nacional de Geologia, (AfSC contact: Geological and Mining Institute – J. P. Chamussa)
  • NIGERIA - Nigerian Union of Planetary and Radio Sciences, (AfSC contact: Centre for Geodesy and Geodynamics – O. U. Akpan)
  • SOUTH AFRICA – National Research Foundation, (AfSC contact: Council for Geoscience – M. Grobbelaar)
  • EGYPT - Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, (AfSC contact: National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics – A. Hosny)

Thus far the Affiliate members are:

  • Organisation of African Geological Surveys – G. Schneider (President)
  • Botswana Geological Survey – M. Kwadiba
  • Geological Survey Department (Malawi) – P.R.N. Chindandali
  • Division of Mines and Geology (Senegal) – O. Wane
  • Institute for Geophysics Space Science and Astronomy (Ethiopia) – A. Ayele
  • Cabo Verde National Institute of Metorology and Geophysics (Cabo Verde) – B. Faria
  • National University of Science and Technology (Zimbabwe) – J.D. Hlatywayo
  • Cameroon Academy of Science (Cameroon) – N. Severin