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The ruling body of the AfSC is the Council, consisting of the Members, and the Executive Committee.

The administrative body of the AfSC is the Executive Committee, consisting of:

  1. Members elected by the Council at each General Assembly: the President, the first and second Vice-Presidents, the Secretary General, and one additional Executive Committee member.
  2. Members by right: the immediate Past-President, and a representative of the International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior (IASPEI), delegated by IASPEI.

The administrative period is normally two years, and comprises the time interval between the Closing Plenary meetings of two consecutive General Assemblies.

The Council meets at least once during every General Assembly for elections. Before the Closing Plenary meeting, the Council shall decide on:

  1. Date and place for the next General Assembly, based on invitations received;
  2. Other matters referred to the Council. All decisions are announced at the Closing Plenary.”