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The AfSC mission is to promote the science of Seismology within the scientific community of the African countries, by developing research studies, to extend and enhance scientific co-operation and to train young scientists. The following objectives are of particular interest:

  1. Facilitate exchange of ideas and personal meetings between scientists by means of the General Assembly of the AfSC, workshops and seminars on special topics, and discussion forums on emerging issues.
  2. Encourage co-operation between individuals and organisations by establishing Working Groups (WGs) on seismological problems of common international interest, with emphasis on new research topics.
  3. Promote inter-disciplinary studies involving Seismology.
  4. Encourage co-operation with other African and non-African scientific and engineering communities.
  5. Organise, and encourage others to organise training courses in Earthquake and Engineering Seismology, especially for young scientists.
  6. Operate within the bylaws, regulations and recommendations of the International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth´s Interior (IASPEI).